Pocket Depth Reduction

A pocket depth reduction procedure is recommended because there are pockets around a aptients teeth that are too deep to maintain with daily at-home oral hygiene and regular professional cleaning.  Reducing the depth of the pockets and eliminating existing bacteria are important to prevent progression of periodontal disease and maintain the stability and health of the tissues around the teeth. This procedure may result in some further exposure of the teeth or crown margins. There maybe some initial sensitivity and mobility which will decrease as the tissues heal.

The procedure is done under local anaesthetic. The gum tissues are lifted away from around the teeth and the exposed root surfaces planed smooth to remove disease causing bacterial deposits. The bone is then smoothed as necessary to remove damaged bone and limit areas where disease causing bacteria can hide. The gum tissues are then recontoured and replaced at a lower level around the tooth. Stitches are placed to stabilise the tissues and a dressing placed over the area of surgery to protect it. The stitches and dressing are removed after one week and further follow-up visits arranged as necessary.

Any post-operative discomfort is managed with panadol or nurofen.

Apprehensive patients can be offered a choice of oral sedation or intravenous sedation. Intravenous sedation is administered by an anaesthetist and will incur a further cost.