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More than one in three people over the age of 30 have a form of periodontal disease that has advanced beyond gingivitis (inflammation of the gum tissues). 1 in 12 adults will probably develop periodontitis if the gingivitis persists. This will result in the loss of the supporting tissues of the teeth and ultimately tooth loss of not treated. Periodontitis is a silent, painless and progressive disease. Common symptoms are bleeding during tooth cleaning, bad breath, bad taste and loose teeth and widening gaps between the teeth.
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Periodontitis may be diagnosed by your dentist or periodontist by probing pockets around the teeth and with x-rays to identify any areas of bone loss. When periodontal disease is detected early, it can be treated comfortably, economically and successfully. Periodontal disease and tooth decay are the primary cause of adult tooth loss. More importantly recent research has found a relationship between periodontal infection and more serious health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease and preterm low birth weight babies.
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Smoking is also a major risk factor in the development of periodontal disease and masks the early signs of periodontal disease such as bleeding on cleaning and signs of inflammation such as redness of the gum tissue.
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Maintaining good periodontal health will not only help you retain your teeth for life, but also is a key component of a healthy body.

Most patients are referred by their dentist or hygienist, self referrals are also welcome.